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Search, view or create a free In Loving Memory tribute (online memorial) for lost loved ones, distant relatives, or prominent historical figures.  Visit our Personal Tributes section to view or add graves, famous graves and cemeteries.  Search, view and create free History Tributes for historical places, monuments & memorials, and more.  Or, check out our History Blog for some entertainment.
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In Loving Memory – Create a meaningful and engaging personal tribute page to celebrate and honor the life of a lost loved.  Or, create a history tribute page to showcase historical markers, monuments / memorials, or historic places and events. It’s 100% FREE to create and manage unlimited tributes!

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Why should you choose Tribupedia to create online memorials for your loved ones, history tributes, grave sites or celebrity tributes?

It is 100% FREE to create and manage online memorials / tributes.  There is no cost whatsoever for you to create an account and then create as many virtual memorials as you’d like.

Create and manage an unlimited number of tributes.  You can create just one memorial for a lost loved one or thousands of tributes – it’s up to you.

Manage all your tributes in one easy-to-use Tribute Dashboard.  We have designed a quick and simple dashboard that makes it simple for you to create history tributes and online memorials.  Click here for a screenshot of our Tribute Dashboard.

Once you’ve created an account, you will be able to “favorite” tributes from yourself or other members and access them through your Tribute Dashboard at anytime.