1935 Sprott, Alabama Storefront Photo

1935 Sprott, Alabama Storefront Photo

1935 or 1936 Crossroads Vintage Storefront Photo

Sprott, Alabama was (still is?) a tiny town in Perry County, Alabama. This amazing photo was taken by photographer Walker Evans in either 1935 or 1936, during the midst of the Great Depression, as a part of his work with the Farm Security Administration (FSA) where he was assigned the task of documenting small-town life.

1935 Walker Evans Photo - Sprotts Alabama Storefront Buy This Print at Our Ebay Store The little building housed a U.S. Post Office, store, & gas station for the town of Sprott. The store and Post Office served the Sprott, Alabama community for more than 100 years – from 1881 until it closed in 1993!

Aerial View of Sprott Alabama Crossroads - 1998 - USGS Aerial view of Sprott, Alabama Crossroads – 1998. (Courtesy of USGS.) This aerial photo shows where Alabama Highways 14 & 183 cross with County 64 to the South East – Perry County, Alabama.

Sprott Alabama Crossroads Store 1930ss vs 2000s The crossroads store is still very much the same today as it was back then, minus the top floor, as this 1930s vs 2000s storefront photo comparison shows. (ruralswalabama.org)

Have you been to this store in the past or have a story about the Sprott community? If yes, please share in the comments below!

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