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About Tribupedia – Tribupedia was created to provide a fast and free means for anyone and everyone to remember loved ones and record history.  It is entirely free to create tributes / online memorials for lost family members, historical events and/or historic places.

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Tribupedia is designed to provide an online encyclopedia of history. Topics range from personal family history to articles on famous historical people, places and events. We provide a lasting, permanent place to preserve history that is important to each individual.

Over the course of history, memories fade and most of us are forgotten. Tribupedia was founded to provide a means for everyone to be remembered throughout time. Use our In Loving Memory section to create a tribute to lost loved ones and create a permanent online place to celebrate their memory. Or, if you’re a history buff, use one of our History Tribute sections to create an online memorial for a famous person from history or historical place or event.

Expand beyond the traditional graveyard for your loved ones to create a permanent online memorial to be shared with family, friends and relatives anytime or any place there is an Internet connection.

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