Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

10 Meaningful, Thoughtful and Inspiring Quotes from Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, is famous for many things and revered as as one of the most prominent figures in not only United States history, but world history as well. Abraham Lincoln quotes are uplifting and motivating. Among his most notable accomplishments were the Gettysburg Address and leading the fight for the abolishment of slavery. His devotion to country, strong work ethic and inspirational leadership reshaped American culture and its history.

Lincoln was a dedicated human being who had some formal education, but is remembered for his desire and drive to learn on his own. He was a highly regarded, insightful individual with an incredible drive for success.

The following is a collection of 10 Abraham Lincoln quotes to inspire and enlighten.

10 Historical Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln Quote“I Do Not Think Much of a Man Who is Not Wiser Today than He Was Yesterday.”
Abraham Lincoln (statusmind)

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.”
– Abraham Lincoln Success Quote (WellSaidQuotes)

“Be Sure You Put Your Feet in the Right Place, then Stand Firm.”

“I Destroy My Enemies when I Make them My Friends.”
– Abraham Lincoln (Pinterest)

“I Walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward.”
– President Abraham Lincoln

“You Cannot Help Men Permanently by Doing for Them What They Could and Should Do for Themselves.”

“Better to Remain Silent and be Thought a Fool, than to Speak Out and Remove All Doubt.”
– Thoughtful Abraham Lincoln Quote (Sharma)

“I Like to See a Man Proud of the Country In Which He Lives. I Like to See a Man Live So that His Country Will Be Proud of Him.”
Abraham Lincoln (Pinterest)

“The People Of These United States Are The Rightful Masters of Both Congresses and Courts. Not to Overthrow the Constitution. But to Overthrow the Men Who Pervert the Constitution.”
Abraham Lincoln Inspirational Quote (Wisdom To Inspire)

“When I Do Good, I Feel Good. When I Do Bad, I Feel Bad. That’s My Religion.”

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    Legend has it that a young girl told him he should grow a beard because he would make him look more dignified and presidential. He also owned a bar and was a professional wrestler.

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