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1950s New York City – Frank Larson Photos

Old Photos: 1950s New York City

New York City in the 1950s – Frank Oscar Larson

These amazing vintage New York City photos effortlessly portray the beauty and diversity that was New York in the 1950s. Amateur photographer Frank Larson took these photos, the majority of which were shot using a Rolleiflex Automat Model 4 camera, mostly on weekends as a getaway from his 9 to 5 bank job. Larson had a great eye and a natural talent for photography, capturing both daytime and nighttime street scenes that vividly tell the tale of everyday life in the city that never sleeps….

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1969 Woodstock Photos

These Rare Color 1969 Woodstock Photos Show What the Event was Really Like

Officially labeled “An Aquarian Exposition” presented by the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, the original plan for the event called for an outdoor rock festival with “three days of peace and music” in the Catskill village of Woodstock, New York….

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Infamous Last Photos of Murder Victims

Shocking and Tragic Last Photos of Murder Victims

From the beginning of recorded history — and even prior to that — crime has fascinated humankind. The success of countless books, films and other platforms devoted to chronicling / portraying criminal acts attest to the keen interest we have for the subject….

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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction Photos

Old Photos: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – 1930s

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, locally known simply as the “Bay Bridge,” is a system of bridges that spans the San Francisco Bay in California. Part of Interstate 80, it is a direct travel road between San Francisco and Oakland. The Bay Bridge carries approximately 260,000 vehicles per day on two decks…

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Immigration – Ellis Island Immigrants from the Early 1900s

Immigration Photographs from Ellis Island, New York – Early 1900s

These wonderful old photos show a small handful of the 12+ million immigrants who entered the United States legally through the immigration station at New York’s Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954. These historic photographs of immigrants, some while being processed, were taken by a number of photographers over the years who were interested in not only taking photos, but the stories of these immigrants and their countries of origin….

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Old Photos: Vintage Car Accidents – Vol 3

Vintage Car Accidents from the 1900s-1940s – Vol 3

Volume 3 of our old car accidents photos series. These vintage car accidents show automobiles and trucks after the crash in their wrecked, mangled conditions. Cars in the 1900s to 1940s didn’t have the modern safety conveniences like airbags or even seat belts in many cases….

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Old Photos: Carrie Fisher in Slave Leia Bikini

‘Slave Leia’ Goes to the Beach – Carrie Fisher in Bikini Promoting Return of the Jedi – 1983

These 14 rare vintage photos of Carrie Fisher in Slave Leia bikini at the beach promoting 1983’s Return of the Jedi are a must-see….

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Old Photos: Building the Hoover Dam

Building the Hoover Dam — 1931-1936

Construction of the Hoover Dam began in early 1931. The project took five years to complete and cost the lives of 112 men.

There were three valid bids submitted for construction of the dam. A joint venture consortium comprised of several organizations named Six Companies, Inc. submitted a bid of $48,890,955. …

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Old Photos: Becoming Marilyn Monroe

Becoming Marilyn Monroe — The Rise of Norma Jeane Baker

The following is a story written by Michelle Morgan and Astrid Franse. It is promotion for a book, Before Marilyn: The Blue Book Modeling Years, that details how an innocent minded Norma Jean Baker (then Dougherty) first became a model / actress and then transformed into globally renowned sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe….

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