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Personal Tribute Example - Brooks Edward GibsonPersonal Tributes / Online Memorials

We make it easy for you to create free online memorials to remember and celebrate the life of your loved ones, ancestors, or your favorite celebrities.  Our FREE online memorial service provides a lasting digital environment for you to honor your loved ones, as well as share with your friends and family.

You can view existing tributes/memorials or dive in and get started by creating your first tribute now – just click the green button above to create your free account and get started.  Creating a tribute page is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. You can tell the life story of your loved one, add memories, photos, and even a video – as well as invite friends and family to visit your tribute page(s). Your tribute pages are hosted online in perpetuity, at no cost forever, so they become loving and lasting digital memorials.

Your tributes help people deal with the pain of loss. They help in expressing grief through shared memories and commemoration of lost loved ones.

Your Personal Tribute website can help you to organize, keep and display valuable personal memories and thoughts about your loved one.

  • You can express your feelings about your loved one using words, pictures, and video
  • Family and friends will be able to add their memories, thoughts and light virtual candles or leave virtual flowers through an individual Guest Book on each tribute page you create

Account creation required. Don’t worry, it’s completely free and no credit card is needed.

History Tribute Example - Medal of Honor RecipientsHistory Tributes / Online Memorials

Our free online memorial service is the perfect resource for any and all history lovers!

You can view existing history tributes or dive in and get started by creating your first tribute.  History tribute pages, much like our personal tribute pages, are very easy to create in only a few minutes.  Take photos of Historical Markers, Monuments / Memorials, and Historic Places and tell the story of these places through a History Tribute!

Easy Set-Up

You can create free online memorials in just a few minutes using our site and then manage your tributes in your very own easy-to-use Tribute Dashboard.  You can create and manage as many free online memorials as you like!  And, no computer programming or website design experience is needed. There is a simple one-page process to create your tribute and you can then view and share your tribute pages with your friends and family.

You are provided with a unique web page for each tribute you create which is yours to keep. As an example, a tribute website to James Jones might be and so on.

Update, Manage and Develop Your Tributes at Any Time 24/7 / 365

After creating your initial tribute page(s), you will then be able to manage these pages through your own, secure Tribute Dashboard.  Here you will be able to add, delete, and modify text and photos whenever and how often you want, without limit or cost.  You can also manage memories / comments shared by others on these pages.

Our goal is that your tribute pages are helpful to you and that you have a lasting online page to celebrate the life and memory of your loved one or historical place or event.

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