Old Photos: Fabulous 1940s Photos

Old Photos: Fabulous 1940s Photos

Old Photos:  15 Fun & Fabulous 1940s Photos

The 1940s were turbulent times, with much of the decade being caught up in World War II. However, there were still fun and exciting things going on. Jazz music and swing dancing were wildly popular, and there were some great 1940s fashion trends. Hollywood delivered several all-time great classic films like Casablanca and It’s a Wonderful Life and the era saw the early beginnings of several new technologies, such as computers, nuclear power, and jet propulsion.

People the world over did what they could to not only make it through these troubling times, but also make them fun and lively. Take a look at these 15 fun 1940s photos and be sure to comment below.

Beautiful Young Ladies on Bikes - 1940s These fabulous looking young ladies out for a bike ride in the 1940s certainly seem to be having fun.

Two Sailors Celebrating End of WWIIOld Photos:  Two American sailors celebrating the end of World War II. (SJSU University Archives Photographic Collection)

Men in Victorian Bathing Suits Trying to Impress a Young Lady - 1940s 1940s men in Victorian style bathing suits trying to impress a young lady.

1940 - Venice Pier Fun House 1940 – Film players at the Venice Pier Fun House. As the bowl would spin, people struggle to stay in the center.

1940s Photos - What is going on here 1940s Photos – A day at the beach. (What exactly is going on here?)

Danish Explorer Peter Freuchen with his wife Dagmar Freuchen Gale - 1947 Danish explorer Peter Freuchen looking larger than life with his wife Dagmar Freuchen Gale – 1947.

1941 - Salvador Dalí painting “The Face of War” 1940s Photos – Salvador Dalí painting “The Face of War” – 1941.

Marlyn Wescoff and Ruth Lichterman reprogramming ENIAC - 1946 One of the technologies to come out of the 1940s, the first general-purpose electronic computer – the ENIAC – is shown here in 1946 with Marlyn Wescoff and Ruth Lichterman.

1940s Women in Bathing Suits Having Fun 1940s women in bathing suits having some fun with perspective at the beach.

1940s Photos - Miss America contestants in 1945 September 1945 – Miss America contestants at the Atlantic City Boardwalk. From left to right are Lee M. Wieland, Chicago, Ill., Miss Chicago; Barbara Lee Smith, Detroit, Mich., Miss Detroit; Bess Myerson, New York, Miss New York City; Phyllis Mathis, La Jolla, Calif., Miss San Diego; Gloria Naomi Bair, Philadelphia, Pa., Miss Philadelphia; Claire Thibadeau, Boston, Mass., Miss Boston; Rae Evelyn Crist, Miami Beach, Florida, Miss Florida and Frances Born, Birmingham, Ala., Miss Birmingham.

1940s Swing Dancing Swing dancing was all the rage in the 1940s.

1940s Female Students Outside Doing Thier Work Drinking Coke 1940s college girl’s fashion photo from famed photographer Nina Leen. (Nina Leen)

Red Cross women dancing with soldiers Red Cross girls dancing with soldiers.

Navy Diver - 1940s U.S. Navy diver – 1940s.

Staying Cool summer, NYC, 1943 Young ladies trying to stay cool on a rooftop in the summer of 1943 – New York City, New York. Was this the inspiration for the recent Ice Bucket Challenge?

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