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1935 Sprott, Alabama Storefront Photo

1935 or 1936 Crossroads Vintage Storefront Photo

Sprott, Alabama was (still is?) a tiny town in Perry County, Alabama. This amazing photo was taken by photographer Walker Evans in either 1935 or 1936, during the midst of the Great Depression, as a part of his work with the Farm Security Administration (FSA) where he was assigned the task of documenting small-town life. …

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Old Photos – Marie Prevost and Teddy the Dog

Stunning Silent Film Actress – Marie Prevost

Old Photos – Marie Prevost with Teddy the Dog

Silent film star Marie Prevost is seen here standing on her tiptoes on the front of a motorboat while Teddy the dog sits with his paws on the steering wheel in a still from director Clarence G Badger’s film “Teddy at the Throttle.”

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Vintage New York City Dive Bar Photos

Infamous New York City Dive Bar As Seen from a Bartender’s Point of View

Old Photos – 1970’s Times Square Pictures of Pimps, Prostitutes, Tourists, Drag Queens and Homeless

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2018 Celebrity Deaths

2018 Celebrity Deaths – Looking Back at Famous Figures Lost This Year

So far, 2018 has seen the loss of iconic musicians, award winning actors, beloved political and religious figures, business leaders, military heroes, famous athletes, and more. Here’s a look back at some of these famous people lost to date….

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2016 Celebrity Deaths

2016 Celebrity Deaths – Looking Back at Famous Figures Lost in 2016

The world lost world-renowned musicians, sports figures, acclaimed actors, comedians, business leaders, military heroes, religious leaders, political activists, and more in 2016. Here’s a look back at 2016 celebrity deaths….

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Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl

What Was the Dust Bowl?

The Dust Bowl, also called the “Dirty Thirties,” was a time of crippling dust storms that greatly damaged the drought-stricken Southern Plains area of the United States during a dry period of the 1930s. The weather during this time stirred up dirt that caused massive zero visibility dust storms, covering everything in the storms’ path with dirt….

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How Using the Term ‘420’ for Marijuana Got Started

The Meaning and Origin of the Term: 420

How 420 (4/20 or 4:20 – pronounced “four-twenty”) Became Code for Marijuana

The term 420 is slang for the use and enjoyment of marijuana. 420 literally means “weed,” “pot,” “it’s time to get high,” “smoke marijuana,” and so on….

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Rare Prohibition Era Photos

Old Photos: 27 Rare Prohibition Era Photos

The Prohibition era was an extremely difficult time in 20th century American history. During this period, from 1919 until Prohibition was finally repealed in 1933, it was against the law in the United States to make, sell, or consume alcohol. Americans, however, loved their alcohol and banning it actually resulted in a whopping 70% increase in alcohol consumption during the Prohibition years….

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