Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali Quotes

10 Inspirational Quotes from The Greatest of All Time – Muhammad Ali

These inspirational words of wisdom from one of the world’s all-time greatest athletes – Muhammad Ali – can apply to more than just sports. These amazing quotes can almost certainly apply to any difficult situation life may throw at us. Look to these quotes to provide inspiration for school, work, exercising, dieting or anything else.

Muhammad Ali Quotes

“Float Like a Butterfly… Sting Like a Bee”
One of Muhammad Ali’s most used all-time quotes. (

“Champions Aren’t Made in Gyms. Champions Are Made from Something they Have Deep Inside Them. A Desire. A Dream. A Vision. They Have to Have Last Minute Stamina. They Have to Be A Little Faster. They Have to Have the Shill and the Will. But the Will Must Be Stronger Than the Skill.”
Muhammad Ali (healthy-fit-happy.tumbler)

“If You Even Dream of Beating Me You’d Better Wake Up and Apologize.”
– Muhammad Ali (Pinterest)

“If There is No Enemy Within, the Enemy Outside Can Do You No Harm.”
– Muhammad Ali (thegentlemansjournal)

“If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, They Aren’t Big Enough.”
Muhammad Ali Inspirational Quote (Quotes Words)

“I’m So Mean I Make Medicine Sick”
– Muhammad Ali (Hudson Jeans)

“I’m So Fast that Last Night I Turned Off the Light Switch in My Bedroom and was in Bed Before the Room was Dark”
– Muhammad Ali (

“I Hated Every Minute of Training, But I Said, ‘Don’t Quit. Suffer Now and Live the Rest of Your Life as a Champion.’”
Inspirational Quote – Muhammad Ali (

“It’s the Lack of Faith that Makes People Afraid of Meeting Challenges, and I Believe in Myself.”
– Inspirational Quote (Share It Fitness)

“It Isn’t the Mountains Ahead to Climb that Wear You Down. It’s the Pebble in Your Shoe.”
– Muhammad Ali (Celebquote)

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