Old Photos – Marie Prevost and Teddy the Dog

Old Photos – Marie Prevost and Teddy the Dog

Stunning Silent Film Actress – Marie Prevost

Old Photos – Marie Prevost with Teddy the Dog

Silent film star Marie Prevost is seen here standing on her tiptoes on the front of a motorboat while Teddy the dog sits with his paws on the steering wheel in a still from director Clarence G Badger’s film “Teddy at the Throttle.”

Actress Marie Prevost - Old Photos Buy This Print   Actress Marie Prevost and Teddy the Dog.

Marie Prevost, birth name Marie Bickford Dunn, was a Canadian-born film actress. Over the span of her twenty-year acting career, she made 121 silent films and talking pictures. Marie was born on November 8, 1896 and died January 21, 1937.

Teddy at the Throttle - Movie Teddy at the Throttle was a 1917 American silent comedy short film starring Bobby Vernon, Gloria Swanson, and Wallace Beery.

Summary of Teddy At the Throttle Movie

From IMDB… Gloria Dawn lives down the hall from her sweetheart, Bobbie Knight. The dishonest Henry Black is Gloria’s guardian, and he is also in charge of Bobbie’s inheritance. The scheming guardian and his sister have been spending Bobbie’s money, and they hope to have the sister marry Bobbie so that they can keep control over his money.

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  • Jeff says:

    Is that really Marie Prevost or is it Gloria Swanson, the star of Teddy at the Throttle?

    • Brian says:

      Hey Jeff. It’s hard to say for certain. Wikipedia lists the title of this photo with Marie Prevost as the name, but then it says it is Gloria Swanson in the description. A couple other sites say it is Marie, with no mention of Gloria. So, again, it’s hard to say for certain. Especially as the two actresses look so similar.

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