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Membership is absolutely FREE, $0 cost to you.  (We do require members to create an account to reduce spam and ensure quality content.)  Create and manage / edit as many tributes as you like and/or create family trees.  Once you’ve created your account, it is completely free to create and manage an unlimited number of tributes!  So, you can create as many online memorials as you like – all for free – and you’ll be able to manage & update all your tributes in your very own convenient, easy-to-use Tribute Dashboard.

There’s no catch!  Create and manage one or 1,000 tribute pages – all with no fees or cost to you.  Ever.  That is our commitment to you.  We simply want to provide an easy-to-use, free website for anyone and everyone to be able to create online memorials for their loved ones, historical figures, favorite celebrities, places and/or events.

FEATURED TRIBUTE – $5 for 30 Days.  We do have one feature that has a cost associated to it.  However, it is completely optional feature.  For persons who would like to feature their tribute at the top of the list, we will soon offer a “Featured Tribute” option which will move your tribute to the top of the search list for 30 days.  (This feature is coming soon.)

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