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Fredrick Hudson – 1947-2008

Fred Hudson was a man amongst men. He was a Corvette loving, fun-time having, extraordinary father and grandfather. During his lifetime he set out on an entrepreneurial path which culminated in successful ownership of several businesses. He worked hard, loved long, and laughed with an exuberance that could shake up a mountain! Eventually, Fred Hudson channeled his passion for living into teaching generations of children. He became a schoolteacher.

Fred Hudson loved to dance and take his wife out on dates like they had just met. Theirs was a love that remained forever young. He taught his grandchildren how to read and took time off of work when they were sick. When he said the words, “Call me if you need ANYTHING,” he meant them.

To his daughter, he was Daddy; to his grandchildren, he was Papa. And every summer he took a special pride in throwing barbecues for the family. He taught his grandson how to be a man, his granddaughter how to love, and his daughter how to be a miraculous mother.

There’s a book written in the clouds on sheets of satin paper. The cover is made of marble. Inside, the life story of Fred Hudson – brilliant man, boisterous life, cool connoisseur – is emblazoned in ink drawn from the rivers of time.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
Location : St. LouisMissouri
First Name : Frederick
Last Name : Hudson
Years : 1947-2008
Birth Date (Optional) : 02/07/1947
Deceased Date (Optional) : 06/15/2008
Relation : Grandfather

Tribute Author : robertv

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