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Nicholas Karnes – In Loving Memory

Nicholas Karnes was born on June 10, 1939 and passed away on April 14, 2014, at the age of 74.

At a young age he began a lifelong love of cars (his favorites were Pontiac GTO’s) and racing. When he was six, he started selling souvenirs at his father’s racetrack, Armscamp Speedway, where he later became the announcer at the age of sixteen. He also announced at Gas City and Montpelier Speedways. As a child, he grew up on his parents ranch raising sheep and shetland ponies. Nick moved on to being a door to door sweeper salesman for the family business, Karnes Sweeper Co. – which he later took over (becoming its second generation) and managing it until his death.

Nick is my dad – a wonderful, great, kind, funny, and entertaining man. He could turn your day into one of the best of your life. He loved to “tag people along” with his stories – often making up the most fascinating stories out of the most minimal things. It was one of his many gifts, along with art, writing, and speech.

One of the funniest and outlandish things he has ever done was, during his stint as a vacuum salesman, he sold a vacuum cleaner to a woman who HAD DIRT FLOORS in anticipation of her husband actually buying her real flooring. Now, if that isn’t salesmanship I don’t know what is!

Throughout his entire life he had a love for westerns; often watching the tales of the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, and especially John Wayne – his favorite western star of all.

Anyone who met and knew him knows he had one of the best sense of humor around – its one of the things I miss most about him. That, and he always said “I love you to pieces”… What I would give to hear that again.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
First Name : Nicholas
Last Name : Karnes
Years : 1939-2014
Relation : Daughter

Tribute Author : SpockBones

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