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In Loving Memory – Brooks Gibson

Born on February 15, 1925 and he died on January 20, 2002.  Brooks Gibson was 76 years old.  To me he was simply known as Grandpa, the man who took me fishing down by the lake, horseback riding and the man who put all of the grandkids’ sleds together (that we got for Christmas) and pulled us up the hill with his tractor so we could go sledding down a path he had made. I remember many wonderful things about him, but before any of us came along, he dedicated his time to the United States Army.

Brooks Gibson enlisted on July 22, 1943, at Ft. Harrison, Indiana. He was part of the 30th Infantry and fought in World War II, in Europe. His job was a Light Mortar Crewman, #607, however a friend that served with him, said he always ended up with the Heavy Mortar. He was a Rifle Marksman, part of the Italian Campaign and the Southern France Campaign. It is said that the Italian Campaign involved some of the hardest fighting in the war.

My Grandfather was wounded in Italy, he was shot in the throat. He was discharged on March 5, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee. He was a Private Infantry ERC (Enlisted Reserve Corps) in Company G. He earned many awards and medals for his devotion and selfless acts in the Army. Those include, The EAME Campaign Medal (Europe – African – Middle Eastern Campaign),  Two Bronze Stars, The Combat Infantry Man Badge, and The Purple Heart Medal.

After the war, Brooks Gibson met and married my Grandmother, Mary Alice Pedigo. They raised a family of Five children and many grandchildren.  He was a carpenter, farmer and a wonderful Grandfather. I can’t imagine what he went through in the war, but finding out and researching where he was, and what they went through, made me very proud to be his granddaughter. Even though he’s no longer with us, writing this keeps his memory alive and closer to our hearts.

I would like to ask anyone reading this that knew my Grandfather to please share a story about him in the comments below.  Thank you.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
Location : Glasgow
First Name : Brooks
Middle (or Maiden) Name (Optional) : Edward
Last Name : Gibson
Years : 1925-2002
Birth Date (Optional) : February 15, 1925
Deceased Date (Optional) : January 20, 2002
Relation : Granddaughter

Tribute Author : Sherry D

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