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Robert Washington, Sr. – 1940-2014

Robert Washington Sr. was born June 8th, 1943 in Shorter, Alabama. He was a father of seven. He was my great grandfather. Robert was the definition of a father figure and also a country man. He kept up with the fields and crops but as he grew older sort’ve let it go. Robert served in the military. My great grandfather taught most of my cousins, uncles and aunties how to grow crops. He was a real farmer and the only farmer I knew. He started everything from nothing, only him and his wife Mary Washington. Robert has been happily married for 50+ years. Robert committed his life to raising his family into a loving and caring family. He invested his energy into his family and took pride into both of his sons.

Robert was University of Alabama’s biggest fan of all time and would have been excited to attend this weekend’s game against Auburn University. Robert was very quiet and but at the same time he was the greatest person to go to speak on “the old days”. Great Granddad Robert, you will be missed.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
First Name : Robert
Last Name : Washington
Years : 1940-2014
Relation : Great Grandfather

Tribute Author : jrj00727

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