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Lucile “Lucy” Buckner – 1908-2015

In late 2014 I decided it was time to take my husband and my son out west. Our excursion REQUIRED a trip to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to visit Aunt Lucy. While she was my mother’s great aunt and my great-great aunt, she was by marriage only. Lucy was known in our family as an extremely strong and persevering woman. She had already lived most of her life after her husband died and after her retirement.

When I was a child, she came to Illinois to visit and the first thing I heard her say was “I gotta get back to Arizona, your humidity is killing me!” She lived over 20 years after that!

Born in Georgia, Lucy lived many places in the US. She was an Air Force civilian employee and when my mother was a child, they would make a visit to Lucy part of their vacation. I wanted to do the same; except she was now 106 years old. I knew this was possibly my last chance.

We pulled into Lake Havasu City a few days after Christmas in 2014. The next morning we ate breakfast with Lucy at her assisted living facility. It began to snow, something LHC had not seen in a while! Maybe it was a sign.

Here are some lessons I learned from Lucy.

  • attitude is everything
  • keep going
  • stay active
  • have a dog
  • you’re never too old to learn social media!!!

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
Location : Georgia
First Name : Lucille
Last Name : Buckner
Years : 1908-2015
Birth Date (Optional) : October 1, 1908
Deceased Date (Optional) : April 11, 2015
Place of Birth (Optional) : Georgia, US
Relation : Great Great Niece

Tribute Author : kristenamaya

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