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Mark McNeal (1956-2009)

Mark turned into a fire warrior with Flagstaff Fire Department in 1981 and served the natives of Flagstaff until the point when his disease constrained his retirement in May of 2009. He turned into a paramedic/fire warrior in 2001 to better serve those in the city. Mark’s pride and delight were his two little girls, Amanda and Julianna. He was a caring, loving friend and father. Never to be forgotten will be his affection for them propped him up amid his extremely intense and gutsy battle. When he wasn’t grinding away, Mark was an energetic seeker and boater. He had a barrel laugh and an enormous sense of humor. He is associated with his adoration for the amusement “cribbage”.

Mark was a self-broadcasted “greatest fan” of his Green Bay Packers. It has been said that Mark had frequently been seen wearing his well known “Packers shoes” around his home on amusement day. Mark was referred to around the firehouse as truly outstanding. His devotion to battling flames and serving the general population will fill in as a standard for flame warriors to come. Mark was let go with flame warrior respects on Friday, November thirteenth. The administration was held at Christ Church of Flagstaff 10:00 am.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
Location : ConnecticutHartford
First Name : Mark
Last Name : McNeal
Years : 1956-2009
Birth Date (Optional) : March 22, 1956
Deceased Date (Optional) : November 9, 2009
Place of Birth (Optional) : Hartford, CT
Relatives (Optional) : daughters, Amanda and Julianna of Flagstaff, his mother Shirley, sisters Marcia and Mary
Relation : Uncle

Tribute Author : David

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