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Ruth Lorean Hawkins

Ruth Lorean Hawkins was born in 1922 in Anderson, Indiana to William Carson and Laura Myrtle (Hawkins) Brewer. She was the youngest of three siblings and they, along with the rest of her family, would soon give her a nickname that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

When she was born, Ruth was a very small baby. So when Ruth’s parents allowed her older siblings to hold her they would always say “be careful of the baby, she’s tiny.” And from then on – Tiny stuck ever since.

Tiny was taller as an adult – over 5’5” – yet she was still called “Tiny”. As nieces and nephews came along, it was Aunt Tiny. Honestly, it was not until I got older that I even knew her real name.

In 1939 Tiny married Scott Crouch – together they had four daughters; Sherry, Jane, Carol, and Nina. Together, Tiny and Scott ran a small vacuum cleaner business in Marion, Indiana. Later in life, Tiny worked at the local “Fashion Bug” clothing store before retiring.

Aunt Tiny was always dressed fashionably. She lived on her own until the final year of her life. Tiny always said that God told her she would die at 92 – and she did. On October 2 2014 Aunt Tiny went to be reunited with Scott.

Tribute Type : In Loving Memory
First Name : Ruth Lorean
Last Name : Crouch
Years : 1922-2014
Deceased Date (Optional) : October 2, 2014
Relation : Great-Niece

Tribute Author : SpockBones

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