Vintage Advertising – Celebrities with Milk Mustaches

Vintage Advertising – Celebrities with Milk Mustaches

Old Ads – Got Milk? Vintage Advertising Campaigns

In the mid to late 1990s, the dairy industry set-out to surprise America via an advertising campaign with dozens of A-List celebrities sporting milk mustaches. The now vintage advertising campaign cost over $52 million and was intended to reverse declining milk sales by informing consumers of the health, nutrition and taste benefits of milk.

Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley, Ron Howard, Vanna White, Naomi Campbell, Kristi Yamaguchi and other top names in entertainment, sports, modeling and other industries partnered with America’s milk processors in the “Milk, What a Surprise!”, “Where’s Your Mustache?” and “Got Milk?” ad campaigns.

Television Host, Comedian and Model Daisy Fuentes (1997)

Vintage Advertising - Daisy Fuentes Milk Mustache Girls, let’s talk about the “F word.” FAT. It’s no good, right? So I’ve got a solution. Drink 3 glasses of fat free milk a day and you’ll be getting all the calcium you need, without the fat. So check it out. Ciaocito, baby! MILK. Where’s your mustache?

Actresses Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston (1995)

Old-Ads-Milk-Lisa-Kudrow-Jennifer-Aniston We’re such good friends, if I got invited to a big Hollywood party, I’d call you the minute I got home. Or if you had stuff on your face, I’d tell you, sooner or later. Right, like now, sort of. But this is to tell more women to drink skim milk. It has all the calcium without all the fat. Well, isn’t that what friends are for? MILK. What a surprise!

Actor, Writer and Film Director Spike Lee (1996)

Vintage Advertising Spike Lee Got Milk Here’s the direction. You thought milk was just a kid thing. But the plot thickens and you discover your bones are still growing until you’re 35. You’re on a mad quest for calcium. AND… ACTION. You open the fridge, you grab the lowfat milk, you drink it. CUT. Not from the carton. TAKE 2. Let’s use a glass. MILK. Where’s your mustache?

Actresses & Wheel of Fortune Star Vanna White (1995)

Old-Ads-Milk-Vanna-White-Wheel-of-Fortune Sure I worry about osteoporosis. Who wouldn’t, with over 20 million women suffering from it? Which is why I drink lots of skim milk. All the calcium helps keep my bones real strong, not to mention what it does for my perfect smile. MILK. What a surprise!

International Supermodel Naomi Campbell (1995)

Old-Ads-Milk-Naomi-Campbell You’re probably going to hate me, but I’ve never dieted a day in my life. Being so busy, I usually grab something real quick. But I also drink lots of milk… It’s just what my body needs. Well, that and a closet full of ultrashort, supertight little black dresses. MILK. What a surprise!

“Our goal is to change those attitudes that are keeping people from enjoying the great taste of milk and causing them to turn, instead, to less nutritious beverages like diet soft drinks and bottled waters. Many of these attitudes stem from certain misconceptions fostered by lifestyle changes or just a plain lack of understanding about milk’s superior nutritional package,” said Charles E. Decker, executive director of the National Fluid Milk Processor Education Program.

Tennis Superstar Pete Sampras (1996)

Old-Ads-Milk-Pete-Sampras Who better to endorse the all-American, nutrient-rich, wholesome beverage than me? I mean do you really think a radical-looking, earring-clad, stonewashed desert boy could convince women they need at least three glasses of milk a day to meet the calcium requirement? I don’t think so. MILK. What a surprise!

Actress Salma Hayek and Her Daughter (1999)

Old-Ads-Got-Milk-1999-Salma-Hayek-and-Daughter It’s just not breakfast without it. Got Milk? Nourish every day.

Actor Matthew Fox (1996)

Vintage-Advertising-Matthew-Fox-Milk I’m not a commitment phobic, I just play one on TV. In real life, there are lots of things I’m committed to. Like, take my health. They say 3 glasses of milk a day give you all the calcium you need. So what do I do? Run away? Make excuses about being too young, not ready? No, I drink it like a real man – straight from the carton. MILK Where’s your mustache?

Actress Isabella Rossellini (1995)

Vintages Ads - Isabella Rosellini - Milk You can take me out of Europe, but you can’t take the Europe out of me. I have to have my cappuccino every morning. And what do I put in it? Read my lips. Milk. 1% low fat. MILK. What a surprise!

Olympic Ice Skater Kristi Yamaguchi

Old-Ads-Milk-Kristi-Yamaguchi 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0, 6.0! If I had to rate milk as an after-sports drink, it would definitely get the gold. Besides being a better source of potassium than the leading sports drink, it has more vitamins and minerals per ounce. And how do I like it? On ice, of course. MILK. What a surprise!

Actor & Film Director Ron Howard (1997)

Old-Ads-Got-Milk-Ron-Howard Growing up, I got good at taking direction. “Say your line here.” “Hit your mark there.” And “Drink your milk.” That’s good advice for kids and adults. The calcium in milk helps bones grow til you’re about 35 and helps keep them strong long after. So I still drink milk. Only now, I’m the one giving direction. MILK Where’s your mustache?

Businesswoman & Supermodel Kate Moss (1995)

Vintage Advertising Kate Moss Milk Bones. Bones. Bones. Maybe so, but unlike 75% of women today, there’s one way I’m taking care of mine. By getting lots of calcium. How? From drinking lots of milk. 1% ice cold. And besides, haven’t you heard that the waif look is out? MILK. What a surprise!

Olympic Swimmer Amy Van Dyken (1997)

Old-Ads-Milk-Amy-Van-Dyken In addition to the crawl and the butterfly, I can perform a world-class chug-a-lug. With milk. It has protein for my muscles, plus essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and potassium. All of which help me get the one mineral every Olympian craves. Gold. MILK Where’s your mustache?

Comedian, Actress, Producer & TV Host Joan Rivers (1995)

Vintage Ads Milk - Joan Rivers Can we talk? Fattening? Oh grow up. It’s skim milk – and I love it. It has all the same nutrients as whole milk. They just take out the fat. Between you and me Spike – no more problem thighs for us. MILK. What a surprise!

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