In Loving Memory - Jake and Travis Findley

On the evening of February 3, 2007 Jake and Travis Findley were tragically killed at a railroad crossing in Greenwood, Indiana. The boys were riding in an SUV with another family when the horrific accident occurred. Jake Findley was 12-years-old and Travis Findley was only 9. The three members of the other family all survived. 

Please visit the official website honoring Jake and Travis to read more about the boys and for additional pictures and videos…

Photo of Jake and Travis Findley - In Loving Memory Tribute
Jake and Travis Findley

Sadly, the railroad crossing had no warning lights or cross arms. The driver of the SUV did not see or hear the train and their automobile was struck when crossing.  This is an all-too-common problem throughout America. 

In addition to creating the above website to honor Jake and Travis, the Findley family also uses the site to raise funds for railroad crossing upgrades and for railroad crossing safety and education programs.  Please visit this page of their website to learn more or to see how you can help…

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